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    Dave Truwe founded Truwe Precision Machining Inc. in 2003 with the desire to provide customers with authentic and innovative designs along with accurately and professionally finished products. While working as a mechanic, Dave’s passion for problem solving and mechanical design led him to pursue an education in machine tool.


    After pursing his education, Dave began working for a local machine shop as a mold maker and quickly became a product designer. He pursued his passion further by operating part time from his garage at home after work and on weekends. However, Dave’s desire to be self employed could no longer be ignored and he made the decision to go into business full time. Initially, Truwe Precision Machining Inc. was a small, family owned and operated business that has since grown into a successful Minnesota based manufacturer with a wide variety of skills due to advancement of its machine technology.


    Prior to being self employed, Dave felt that many small companies looking for assistance to make their new, cutting-edge concepts a reality were often ignored by large companies offering similar services to the business he dreamed of one day having. Dave began Truwe Precision Machining with the aim to provide a comprehensive and efficient service to these small companies, helping them achieve their product dreams, as well as assist large companies aiming to become more cost effective and improve on their already successful products. Today, many of our clients have grown substantially in size and obtained patents for the innovative products developed and produced with the assistance of Truwe Precision Machining Inc.


    Since 2003, the shop Dave initially operated on his own has grown to employing six individuals currently, who bring a wide variety of knowledge and expertise to Truwe Precision Machining. In an effort to continue to expand our knowledge and service, we look to employ individuals to join our team who possess excellent customer service and communication skills, have the aim to continuously challenge and better themselves and have a great understanding of machine tool and CNC programming. The team at Truwe Precision Machining Inc. has continuously strived to live up to its founding slogan “From Concept to Production”. We have served clients in such industries as dental, automotive, recreational power sports, agricultural, food production, and construction across the United States.


    Recently, we have expanded our facilities located in Maynard, Minnesota; to allow growth of the machining capabilities that we are able to offer clients. Since this growth has occurred, Truwe Precision Machining is able to offer its services to a wider range of businesses and do not limit ourselves to only the fields we are currently familiar with as we are always looking for a new challenge. We would happily provide your company with a quote for any of your custom design or manufacturing needs. With all of our customers we aim to develop long lasting, mutually successful relationships, where product improvement, product development, fast delivery, and maintaining the lowest possible cost of the product to the client are a constant goals that Truwe Precision Machining aim to achieve at all times.


    Looking forward, the team at Truwe Precision Machining Inc. aim to expand their knowledge base by offering its services to different businesses across the United States and to further pursue sales of its own original products. With our current customers, we aim to continue the growth and product development that brought our customers their current success, as well as develop new relationships with companies looking for a more effective production service and to make their product dreams a reality.

From Concept to Production

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